"We laughed until we cried and then we cried until we laughed!" 
  • Labels, they peel off - geared towards an audience of youth or folks who are going into situations where someone else may have already labeled them.
  • Bullying in the workplace - A very real issue on the job, presented with tackful humor, insightful examples & concrete solutions.  State of Washington Labor Relations approved.
  • The Boss, hope taker or maker - Positive leadership increases productivity, confidence & energy.  It can also be exhausting!  Leaders where many hats.  This presentation is geared towards reminding leaders, who they are as people first is the most valuable to those they lead/serve.
  • A good coworker - We spend almost more time with coworkers than we do family.  This presentation highlights the importance of these relationships and acknowledges the power and responsibility we have in eachothers lives
  • Wired for worry, defined by hope -  This presentation was designed for a womens retreat.  Women were designed so specifically.  We have unsurpassed strength!  We worry and fret, but then, by design, help, move forward, love & support everyone around us.  This is a faith based presentation.
  • Hope Defined - Surviving.... thriving after losing a loved one to suicide.  Learning to live with the loss, not in the loss.

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